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Visual Studio 2013 – Community Edition. Opening a new door for the Microsoft Development Community.

Recently Microsoft released Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition – a free edition for small teams, or in my case, my home machine. As a C# developer, there’s two big differences that I really value between Community Edition and the Express editions released previously:

  1. Community Edition allows plugins – now I can use ReSharper, dotCover, GhostDocCode Contracts, and Productivity Power Tools;
  2. Community Edition isn’t targeted at specific platforms – now I can create an MVC web project in the same environment as I create a Windows Phone app.

Microsoft have posted more about it here on Channel 9 and here on the Visual Studio blog.

This is pretty amazing news for me – I’ve used VS Express editions at home for a few years, and whereas they’re still great, the Community Edition makes a world of difference. Now I have everything I need to craft code inside one IDE.