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Use to check your site’s header security in an instant

A while back I posted an article on how to improve the security of your site by configuring headers in IIS.

I thought I’d follow up on this with a quick post about a fantastic utility online –

Plug your website URL into this site, and get a report immediately about how good your site headers are, and what you can do to tighten things up. The report is understandable, and every bit of information – whether that’s missing headers, or headers configured insecurely – will have a link to the site creator’s blog explaining what this means in great detail.

Sadly my blog – which is all managed by – comes out with an E rating. How embarrassing…one day I will find the time to host all this on my own domain.

Final hint – as you might expect, if you put into the site, you’ll see what an A+ report looks like!