This time, I’ll build the two squares that form the body of the printer’s frame.

For each of the two squares, I needed 4 lengths of 20mm x 20mm x 500mm aluminium extrusion. In the photo below, I’ve laid these out roughly in the configuration that they need to be assembled.


There’s a few special instructions:

  • The two pieces on the left and right need to be tapped at the top-end for an M6 bolt.
  • Before assembling these pieces, you need to insert the M5 T-nuts for future assembly steps – so for each of the 4 pieces:
    • For the top and bottom aluminium pieces, put 2 T-nuts in the top groove and 4 in the front side;
    • For the left and right aluminium pieces, put 4 T-nuts in the front groove;

The corner pieces which attach each of these aluminium parts are not printed parts in the factory Taz-5. However, a community member has created STL files for equivalent parts and uploaded to Thingiverse. You can get the STL for this part here.

I printed out 8 of these parts (4 for each square), and each of the printed parts looks like the part in the photo below.


It’s pretty straightforward to understand how to assemble the square – each of these corner pieces is bolted using an M5 x 10mm bolt to the four corners where the lengths of aluminium meet. It’s a bit tricky to make threat the bolts into the T-nuts. I found a carpenters set-square was useful to keep the aluminium pieces at right angles to each other while I was connecting them.

I’ve shown the first finished square below.


And since I need two of these, I just repeated the steps described above.


That’s it for this part – next time I’ll print out the parts which join both of these squares together, and attach them.