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3d Printed Robotic Hand – Preview

Readers will notice that I’ve few different threads running through my blog:

  • I still try to write some programming articles – even though I’m presently in a role where I’m an architect and solution designer, I still try to share some tips and tricks to make developers lives easier.
  • I’ve also got a series where I’m building a new 3d printer based on the Lulzbot Taz-5 printer, because I want a bigger printer, and I’d like the experience of building a printer without having all the parts shipped in a kit. This one is coming along more slowly than I’d like, and I manage to publish about one update each week.

But I’m still working on projects in my own time, which I’d like to write about. One project that I’ve been interested in doing for a while is building a robotic hand. A few people have been building these with 3d printers, and I thought it’d be good to try designing and building one myself. I don’t believe this is a particularly easy thing to do (or at least do well) so I’m expecting to make lots of mistakes learn lots of new things. I don’t expect to get everything right on version one, so there’s probably going to be a few different versions.

I’ll upload the design files to my github page – these will be in AutoDesk 123d format (these files have a file extension of 123dx, and can be converted to an STL for printing with the free AutoDesk 123d software).

I hope that this will lead me into some new and exciting technologies – I’d like to use the MyoWare Muscle Sensor which I saw on Adafruit’s YouTube channel a few weeks ago. I’m also interested in trying out the Leap Motion Controller, and to challenge myself to integrate it and a physical robotic hand (hopefully using C#). I’ll probably use an Arduino as an interface device between the PC and the mechanical hand.

Anyway, more on all of this soon…