This will be a short post, but the printer is starting to actually look recognisably like a Taz-5 RepRap printer.

There’s not much left to do to connect the Y-axis and X/Z axes together. I needed to print out four identical pieces of the Y-mount chassis, and you can get the STLs for this part from here.


When these were printed, I needed to insert a 5mm knurled insert nut into the hole in the main body of the part. You can see this in the photo below in the rightmost black part, whereas the other three parts hold M5 x 25mm bolts already.


These parts are bolted into the aluminium extrusion rails at the bottom of the X/Z axes (which was constructed in the previous step) using 4 x M5 x 10mm bolts.

There were a couple of complications for me – these parts are designed by Lulzbot for use with 20mm x 20mm extrusion with a central groove suitable for M4 T-nuts, but my extrusion is slightly different – it has a groove used for M5 T-nuts. These are a bit bigger than the M4 version, and the tabs protruding from the base of the parts printed above clashed with the nuts – so I had to file these tabs off. This isn’t going to have any real impact on the printer, it was just a mild annoyance.

These parts slot into their corresponding parts on the Y-axis, as shown below, and can be bolted together:


There’s not a lot of point in really tightening the bolts at this point – there’s going to be quite a bit of alignment required later.

Eventually the combined frames look like this.

x-y-z axes

Next time I’ll attach the threaded rods for the Z axis, and the guide rods for the Z-axis and the Y-axis.