I’ve started to do some Windows App development for the Raspberry Pi 3 with IoT Core (v14322), and quickly came across an issue which temporarily stopped me deploying from the Raspberry Pi to Visual Studio.

The issue manifests as an error with code DEP0001 after trying to deploy a Windows 10 App to the “Remote Machine” (i.e. the Raspberry Pi).


Apparently this is caused when the destination Raspberry Pi becomes disconnected from the network after Visual Studio 2015 has been started. Even when it’s reconnected, VS2015 doesn’t re-acquire the connection to the Pi.

Simple fix? Restart Visual Studio 2015 and try deploying again. I know, I know – I hate it too – but it works. This issue has been discussed on Microsoft’s Windows IoT forums here, so I’d expect to see a fix for this in later versions of the framework.