Over the last few weeks, I’ve written up code for quite a few I2C sensor breakout boards that I have in my toolbox.

I’ve seen a few community members asking if there’s a list of I2C devices which have been tested with the Raspberry Pi and Windows 10 IoT – I’ve added a new top-level page to my site here which I hope starts to fulfils this need. I’ll update the page as I find out about new I2C devices – just tweet me at @jeremylindsayni if you’d like me to add a new one.

There are a few other breakout boards that I own, and I haven’t written code for them yet – but I still wanted to share the location of other sources that I’ve found for them.

BMP180 – Digital Barometric Pressure Sensor


There’s a great Hackster.io project on this sensor here, with source code at GitHub here, and a datasheet here.

MPL3115A2 Precision Altimeter


There’s a sample project at the MS-IOT GitHub site here and a datasheet here

ADXL345 – Triple Axis Accelerometer


This is advertised on the Microsoft site’s list of supported interfaces – there are instructions here, a datasheet here, and there’s C# for the breakout board here.


I’ll be posting less frequently on I2C devices because I’ve got C# code to run pretty much all the I2C breakout boards that I have in my toolbox (though I’ll still do it now and again as I acquire new hardware devices and breakout boards). I hope that the Raspberry Pi and Windows IoT community finds the code and posts about these sensors helpful.