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How to delete a TestCase from Azure DevOps boards using .NET, Flurl and the Azure DevOps Restful API

So here’s a problem…

I’ve been working with Azure DevOps and finding it really great – but every now and again I hit a roadblock and feel like I’m on the edge of what’s possible with the platform.

For instance – I’ve loaded work items and test cases into my development instance for some analysis before going to my production instance, and now I’d like to delete all of them. Sounds like a simple thing to do from the UI – I’ve selected multiple work items before, clicked on the ellipsis on one item and selected ‘Delete’ from the menu that appears.

bulk delete

Except that sometimes it doesn’t work out like that. Where’s the delete option gone in the menu below?

bulk delete fail

Right now you can only delete one test case at a time through the Azure DevOps web user interface

You can only delete test cases one at a time through the Azure DevOps web UI at the moment, and you can’t do it from the WorkItem list view. To delete a test case, select the test case to display its detailed view, and then select the ellipsis at the top right of this view to reveal an action menu (as shown below). You can select the options with the text ‘Permanently delete’

delete test case

Then you’ll be presented with a dialog asking you to confirm the deletion and enter the Test Case ID to confirm your intent.

perm delete

This is a lot of work if you’ve got a few (or a few hundred) test cases to delete.

Fortunately, this isn’t the only option available – I can .NET my way out of trouble.

You also can use .NET, Flurl and the Azure DevOps Restful API to delete test cases

Azure DevOps also provides a Restful interface which has comprehensive coverage of the functions available through the web UI – and sometimes a bit more. This is one of those instances where the using Restful API gives me the flexibility that I’m looking for.

I’ve previously written about using libraries with .NET to simplify accessing Restful interfaces – one of my favourite libraries is Flurl, because it makes it really easy for me to construct a URI endpoint and call Restful verbs in a fluent way.

The code below shows a .NET method where I’ve called the Delete verb on a Restful endpoint – this allows me to delete test cases by Id from my Azure DevOps Board.

using System.Net.Http;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using Flurl;
using Flurl.Http;
namespace DeleteTestCasesFromAzureDevOpsApp
    public class TestCaseProcessor
        public static async Task<HttpResponseMessage> Delete(int id, string projectUri, string projectName,
            string personalAccessToken)
            var deleteUri = Url.Combine(projectUri, projectName, "_apis/test/testcases/", id.ToString(),
            var responseMessage = await deleteUri
                .WithBasicAuth(string.Empty, personalAccessToken)
            return responseMessage;

And it’s really easy to call this method, as shown in the code below – in addition to the test case ID, I just need to provide my Azure DevUps URI, my project name and a personal access token.

using System;
namespace DeleteTestCasesFromAzureDevOpsApp
    internal static class Program
        private static void Main(string[] args)
            const string uri = "https://dev.azure.com/jeremylindsay";
            const string testToken = "[[my personal access token]]";
            const string projectName = "Corvette";
            const int testCaseToDelete = 124;
            var responseMessage = TestCaseProcessor.Delete(testCaseToDelete, uri, projectName, testToken).Result;
            Console.WriteLine("Response code: " + responseMessage.StatusCode);

So now if I want to delete test cases in bulk, I just need to iterate through the list of IDs and call this method for each test case ID – which is much for me than deleting many test cases through the UI.

Wrapping up

Deleting test cases from Azure DevOps is a bit more difficult through the web UI than deleting other types of WorkItems – fortunately the Restful interface available is available, and I can use it with an application in .NET that can delete test cases quickly and easily. Hopefully this is useful to anyone who’s working with Azure DevOps Boards and needs to delete test cases.

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