I’m a software architect/developer and I’ve been building software products since 1999.

I started programming in C, then moved on to building websites using Java until 2004 when I started programming in ASP.net in C#. I’ve concentrated on Microsoft technologies since then – deploying ASP.net applications written in C# onto IIS, usually using SQL Server as a database. I’ve been using the Microsoft MVC framework since 2009, and it’s still my favourite framework for web development. These days at work I’m mainly focussed on architectural solution design, but I still get the opportunity to consult and advise on programming.

This is my blog – a collection of articles about things I’m working on at the moment. It might be something to do with my profession, or it might be something I’m working on in my own time.

I’m interested in making things, and I’m most interested in electronics and programming devices like the Arduino, and 3d printing.